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Why are wedding cakes so expensive?

The wedding cake is more than just the ingredients.  In most cases, the ingredients are the least expensive part of the cake.   You are paying for the expertise of the cake designer and labor.  When you see the wedding cakes being made on the cake competitions and bakery shows on TV, you must realize that much of the film is left on the cutting room floor.  So what seems to take only seconds to do on TV, in real life may take hours to accomplish.  The more detailed the cakes design (more...Read More

When should I order my wedding cake?

With the hundreds of wedding every weekend in Florida, I suggest that the sooner the better. Most cake designers get booked far in advance. If you have a cake designer that you really want to make your wedding cake, it is best to order your wedding cake 6 months to a year before the wedding to assure that you can retain their services. By ordering early, you are also locking in the price of the cake. You may also decide that you want something for your cake that requires a long lead time, like...Read More

What should a bride look for in their cake designer?

Look for a professional cake designer that will take the time to sit down with you and listen to your ideas of what your wedding cake should look like, then take those ideas and mix them with their experience and skill, and come up with a cake design that you will just love. Look for a professional cake designer that will not only design your cake, but will be the one that actually makes your cake and decorates it. Some shops have a person that will meet with you but has to put their ideas...Read More

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